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Indian culture, heritage and knowledge are like chains that has no ends. We feel proud to be a small link in the big chain. You can also be a link and do something purposeful which can help many.

  • Connector: If you know any Organisations or Institutions who would like to take up such programs, you can connect them to us.
  • Organisor: You can organize a workshop in your Institution / Organisation / Locality.
  • CSR: Organise a programme as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Offer Scholarships & Awards: To student-toppers in Mathematics.
  • Sponsor a program: Knowledge should be available for all. We want to reach to every person who will be benefitted from this knowledge. There are different rural areas in India where we need to take such valuable knowledge to. You can sponsor a program for the children from rural background.
  • Sponsor a child: There are many children who wish to attend our camps but are unable to do so owing to their financial constraints. You can sponsor a child by giving him a golden opportunity to learn Vedic Mathematics.
  • Donation: Manavaseva iti Madhavseva (Service to man itself is service to God). We have taken up this as a service to the society to give back what we have taken from it. The aim is to create productive thinkers of tomorrow who can be great contributors to the society. If you feel our attempt is commendable, you can offer your generous donation which would help us serve the society better.
  • Any other way: Good work needs a lot of good people. If you feel you can contribute in any other way, please feel free to contact us.
  • Contact us for any of the above Contributions: