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  • Online Course (Live-classrooms)

    Advantages of Online Classes :

  • Home Study Course
  • The course is open to all those who are 12 years or older and interested in studying the beautiful subject of Vedic Mathematics, irrespective of their profession or age. It is neither limited to the young nor to the elder. It is for anyone seeking to improve their mathematical skills, the ancient Indian way.

    This is a 9-month home study course with a total of 24 lessons to be studied. At the end of each lesson the Questionnaire pertaining to the lesson is required to be answered and submitted. Further Course material will be sent thereafter. Non-receipt of answers regularly will be taken as dropping out of the Course.

    For more details and online registration, visit http://vedicmaths.chinfo.org/ or send an email to vedicmathscourse@chinfo.org

    Note: This course is offered by Chinmaya International Foundation, the International Research wing of Chinmaya Mission